What the Hell is he Thinking?!

Welcome to the Journey of MoMo. Follow along as he regales us with his life’s misadventures. Join him on his pursuit of the perfect burger or the crazy ideas he is actually following through on.  Listen in while his pathological critic Philbert tears him a new one and his inner Coach Moose cheers him on. Join his friends and the occasional guest as they try and get him back on the right path after being led stray in life. It’s all here for your listening pleasure. What the hell was he thinking?!


Our Episodes

This is my brain bump. It’s like a buffet. There is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  So grab a bib and chow down.

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It’s a collection of moments I come across in my spare time. Some interesting, some weird, and others completely confusing. You choose which category it falls under.

Show Hosts

We have George Clooney, Kate Beckinsdale, Joe Rogan and many others…..Ok ok, it’s just me. A guy can dream can’t he? Just to increase the weirdness factor, there’s Philbert, my pathological inner critic and Moose, my inner coach.

Fred Morton

Our Shows

We got a shows on food, hobbies, life lessons, knee jerk reactions and some spooky stories for the kids. Basically, if I’m thinking it and you’re hearing it.